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Raven Duchess Hails SA tour

The audience in both Soweto and Mangrove Jazz Bar in Braamfontein was lively and they loved the fusion of Zimbabwean and South African music.


Music Video Review: Raven Duchess – Chisi Chako

“Chisi Chako is a solid, slick number, which would have sat well on a classic LP with the crackling sound. It is a sound which comfortably to the classic jazz sound, common to the speakeasys and the aesthetics of the township smoke-filled night spots.”

3 MOB.com

Raven Duchess and All That Jazz

Raven embodies folk culture, entertainment and she is an expression of art. Whenever she performs at Jazz Fridays every last week of the month at ArtiSana Gallery Café, the place is always fully booked.

Business Weekly 

Poetic Maestro RaVen Duchess fuses Kalimba Vibe with sweet eardrum rousing Urban Pop

RAVEN DUCHESS  fuses  Kalimba vibe with a deep African cultural Shona -Karanga hymn  , sweet eardrum rousing   urban pop and , a blood warming Afro Jazz beat.   In her rhythmic filled  and harmonica  laced Wakauya  Wega Mudzimu Wababa ,  paying    a befitting  tribute to her ancestry and rebukes male on corrupting and forcibly dominate  everything  spiritually.

African Writers Caravan

Raven Duchess Goes Traditional

I have matured in musoc and the fusion of the genres allows me to express my ability to write across genres.

H Metro


Raven Duchess – Zimbabwean blues & neo-soul musician

There is history of music in my family. I have always been passionate about music and thank my poetic streak for my song writing skills.

POVO Journal